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Energy, Weight Loss and Muscle with a Carnitine Injection?

Carnitine is an amino acid that is produced naturally by the body. This amino acid is very important as it has numerous uses to the body. Sometimes, the levels of carnitine in the body may require a boost due to a number of factors.

This can be done by using the wide range of supplements available in the market. These supplements are in form of liquid, tablets and carnitine injection.

Carnitine can be prescribed by a doctor or used as a supplement. Doctors can prescribed this treatment in cases where the patient has a condition that exhausts the carnitine in the body quickly. This kind of exhaustion can lead to deficiency of this amino acid in the body and this could lead to a number of complications. This includes those taking certain drugs or those undergoing a medical procedure like hemodialysis. It could also be prescribed as a replacement supplement for premature or low-weigh infants, dieters or strict vegetarians.

This product is commonly used by many people in different parts of the world as a supplement. As a supplement, it helps to maintain the basic metabolism of the body and transport fatty acids into the cells from outside cells. It also helps in releasing energy and burning mitochordria. Mitochondria controls cell growth, cell cycle and supplies chemical energy to the cells. This amino acid is also important for muscle movement, brain and heart functions among many other uses.

A box of these injections contains 10 sterile ampoules injectable solution of 1g/5ml each. It is injected into the intravenously or intramuscular. It is nowadays commonly used by a lot of people because of the various benefits it offers. It is now available over the counter or from reputable suppliers online. This drug is approved by FDA as a treatment of some secondary and primary carnitine deficiencies.

Many sportsmen use this product to boost their performance. They also take it to tone up their muscles and for muscle building. This is made possible by the fact that it helps to transport and burn fatty acids faster. This means that when exercising, the fatty tissue decreases more quickly and is replaced by more toned muscle.

It enables more fatty acids to be transported into cells for burning, This leads to higher utilization of energy. When the fatty acids are burned, they get used up more quickly. This leads to more balanced cholesterol levels in the body as LDL levels are lowered and HDL levels increased. As a result, one is able to lose weight faster when exercising. Lower cholesterol levels lead to a healthier heart which lowers the risk of getting heart related conditions.

These injections are also used by people who have difficulties in fathering children. When carnitine levels in the body are low, the seminal fluids can decrease and the sperm quality and sperm count can also be reduced. This could lead to male infertility. By using this kind of supplementation the chances of sperm quality, sperm count and seminal fluids increasing the high. This could be as a result of increased oxidation of mitochondrial fatty acid which provides more energy for the sperms and reduces death of cells in the testes.

Cancer patients use the carnitine in their bodies faster than normal people and this could lead to a deficiency of this amino acid in their bodies. This could lead to fatigue from chemotherapy, poor feeding habits and radiation treatment. These injections boost the carnitine levels of such patients. As a result the fatigue is reduced, their quality of sleep is improved and also their mood.

The injections are beneficial to many other people with a variety of health problems. Some people use them to treat some muscle disorders that are associated with some AIDS medication. Those suffering from brain development disorders, overactive thyroid, diabetes, ADHD, lyme disease and leg ulcers also use it. Elderly people use it to reduce deterioration and improve mental function. Patients with renal diseases also use them to boost the levels of this amino acid and as a result reduce symptoms of anemia, fatigue and muscle weakness.

Carnitine injection is today used by thousands of people in many parts of the world for muscle building, weight loss, male fertility and for managing certain health conditions. This supplement is now available over the counter in some pharmacies and also from online retailers. It would be advisable to consult a doctor before using these injections. The doctor is able to carry out an analysis of your condition to determine if the supplement is ideal for you.


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